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Why does the ESRI visual fail to locate different features each time it loads?

Question asked by antonstam on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by SBall-esristaff

I encountered a weird problem while using the ESRI visual in PowerBI. I am trying to build a dashboard with a map of the Netherlands, plotting information on ZIP-code areas. These ZIP codes are 4-digit codes, and ESRI recognizes them as "Postcode4". I have a dataset with about 3,500 of these areas. However, when the visual element is loading, it will not be able to locate all features. The number of features it fails to locate is different every time, and also the specific areas that don't render are different every time.


Now I know that plotting 3,500 areas might be a lot, but I am confident that PowerBI could handle it if the visual would load correctly. So my question is, why does this happen and is there any way I could solve this issue?


I've attached a simple dashboard with a minimal dataset that exhibits the issue.