Local Argis maps used directly by Power BI

09-13-2017 07:55 AM
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Hi All,

I'm newbie with Argis Maps for Power BI, we are trying to re-use maps customised on local Argis server and I understand that one way is to publish it through Argis Online and use it in Power BI. Is there any way or roadmap to use it directly by Power BI from local Argis server ?

Thank you!



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Hi Roman - thanks for your comment. We are looking into future capabilities of the visual and we are constantly listening to customer feedback to help us build the right product. That being said, Microsoft Ignite is next week and there may be some interesting announcements... keep an eye on this space for news and official announcements.

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Hi Scott,

We also have the same requirement. I know a Plus subscription has just been announced at the Ignite conference. It has some great stuff, however, there is still no ability to use an on-prem ArcGIS server. 

Are there any plans around this that you could share? 



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Hi Vitaly - we plan to work on ArcGIS sign-in in 2018. First we will work on sign-in for ArcGIS Online organizations, then we will work on ArcGIS Enterprise sign-in. That being said, ArcGIS Enterprise sign-in is a much tougher challenge due to the architecture of how the Esri and Microsoft products work together.

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