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Signatures disappear while using the inbox feature

Question asked by jchaconas on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by jchaconas

I have created a Survey for our organization that an employee and three other departments need to sign off on(using "image" type for the signature). We are using the inbox feature in order to have each department access their part of the survey independently. In this case, each department section is separated using the "begin group" and "end group" types, which are initially collapsed. Each time the Survey is re-opened from inbox, however, the signatures are ignored in the latter sections of the survey. 


Only the first signature(image) is saved to the data when initially submitting the survey. Once I leave the survey, open and submit from the Inbox, all other signatures are ignored. 


I also noticed that the signatures are cleared from the form(in app) each time it is opened from Inbox. This does not allow for setting the signature fields as "required."


Is there a way to ensure that all of the signature images are saved each time the survey is submitted from the Inbox? 


Thanks in advance.