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Portal Home Page featured Content Issue

Question asked by subin147 on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2017 by subin147

I have using portal for a long time. i have configured my ArcGIS portal to show featured content from a specific group.

Two days back i have deleted an existing group from portal that was used as basemap gallery and created a new group for basemap gallery. After that(am not sure this is the cause) the home page featured content is not showing. While i am checking the configuration in Portal organization settings, it is found that wherever i need to set group as property the portal was not showing groups. For ex : the basemap gallery was showing as default instead of already configured group 'custom basemaps'. And there isn't any error on console window of the browser. While i ma checking the network requests it is found that the portal is not raising any request to get the featured content. Anyone please help me through this.