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Workforce Offline Use

Question asked by lguevaraesri-co-esridist Employee on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by cgillgrass-esristaff

Hello everyone,


I'm working mobile GIS workflow with Esri platform. however, as you know, in Colombia Wi-Fi network isn't available in 100%, particulary in rural areas. 

For that reason, we have to guarantee that assigments and information in general (maps, features, images, survey, etc.)  are available in that cases.


We propose the next workflow:


  1. Planning (ArcMap - ArcGIS Pro)
  2. Coordinate (Workforce for ArcGIS)
  3. Navigate (Navigator for ArcGIS)
  4. Capturing (Survey123 for ArcGIS & Collector for ArcGIS)
  5. Monitoring (Operations Dahsboard for ArcGIS)
  6. Sharing (Web Applications)


For the steps 2, 3, 4  it's necessary works offline, but Workforce for ArcGIS doesn´t work in offline mode.


The question is: Do you know a way to work with Workforce in offline mode or any option to replace it?



And if there is a tech support that I can contact please let me know.



Thank you in advance!


Laura G.