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customize layer labels

Question asked by efranklingis on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by mvolz47

How do i customize layer labels from a MapImageLayer? current layer code below


 var resultsLabelLayer = new MapImageLayer({
                  url: url,
                   sublayers: [{
                                id: 1,
                                labelsVisible: true,
                                visible: true,
                                labelingInfo: [{
                                              labelExpression: "[CONST]",
                                              labelPlacement: "always-horizontal",
                                              symbol: new TextSymbol({
                                                color: [ 255,255,255,1 ],
                                                font: {
                                                  size: 16,
                                                  weight: "bolder"

Using this and adding the layer to the map yields no labels or the layer being drawn