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Is it possible to use items on the map as "dispatch-able" points?

Question asked by steve.rodriguez on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by cgillgrass-esristaff

We are trying to create the following workflow. (Step 2 has to do with WorkForce)


1. Staff member "A" enters an excavation permit point using GeoForm.  This creates a point layer that is hosted on ArcGIS online that contains all requested excavation permits as they come in.  These points are created with status "New"


2. Staff member "B" opens WorkForce and can see a map of the points entered by staff member "A".  These points are displayed based on their status, "New", "Scheduled", or "Completed" using different symbology.


     2a.  Staff member "B" would like to be able to select any point that has not been assigned yet and assign it


     2b. Alternatively, staff member "B" could select a point and convert it to an assignment


     2c. Staff member "C" from the field gets the assignment, updates the point (using Collector if necessary, but we would prefer to use one tool on an iOS device so it would be nice to select which fields can be updated by the mobile app)



3. We would use Operations Viewer to show a supervisor view of the process


is this available know or is this on the roadmap for this product?