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Address Locator not Finding Addresses

Question asked by ralbritton on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by jborgion

I've created and address locator (dual range) using a reference set from our state GIS reference center. The street layer is formatted for to use for address location. My streets layer is in a file geodatabase (stand alone feature class) and my address locator is on a separate folder. 


I'm using 10.4.1


To trya nd trouble shoot, I also ran through the same process to create a locator using ESRI's tutorial data for geocoding and the tutorial guide. I'm getting the same results (No Address Found). 


I've read this post where a user had the same issue in 10.3.x that required a Service Pack Update to fix this issue, so I'm wondering if this, again, got overlooked when the software got upgraded to 10.4? Has anyone else had that issue. Is there something that I am overlooking?