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Layer List buggy with Attribute Table- both July 2016 Online and WAB 2.1 Dev Releases

Question asked by dcoley on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by dcoley

Hi - In the latest online and dev releases, I am finding that anytime I open a layer in the attribute widget from the layer list option menu, and I have not set the default attribute table visibility to true/show, when I then return to the layer list to change visibility, nothing happens.  IF I set the visibility to true in the attribute widget, then I have no issues.


I thought it was a Chrome 51 issue, but then updated to Chrome 52, same behavior occurs. Same behavior using Edge, both online and in dev. 


I also thought that may have something to do with Robert Scheitlin, GISP eSearch interaction with the attribute table and/or layer list, but once I tested in my online-release apps, it appears the trouble lies with the OTB widgets.