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Information Look Up Web App config does not save

Question asked by Tville_GIS on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by Tville_GIS

Hi all,

I have created a utility look up map using the Information Look Up web app.  The web map works great and does everything I need it to do.  However, when I go to make changes using Configure App the changes do not save.  When I click "Save" or "Save And View" it gets stuck in a loop and the saving gif just keeps doing its thing.  Only way to get out of it is to click "Close".  Any changes made in the configure App page do not get saved.  I created a new web app using the same Information Look Up web app template and has the same issues.  I also tried it on IE11 and FireFox.


I ran debugger (FireFox) and found this error :
(is this caused by the app programing and is a bug or is it something I'm doing?)


On Console Page

TypeError: p is null

Configure<.onSave()                                                                      Configure.js:112

Configure<.onView()                                                                     Configure.js:158

.cache["dojo/_base/lang"]/</e.hitch/<()                                           3.17:63

l/</c()                                                                                                3.17:119

.cache["dijit/form/_ButtonMixin"]/</q<._onClick()                         3.17:386

.cache["dojo/_base/lang"]/</e.hitch/<()                                            3.17:63

.cache["dijit/form/_ButtonMixin"]/</q<.__onClick()                       3.17:386

.cache["dojo/_base/lang"]/</e.hitch/<()                                            3.17:63

Configure.js:                                                                                     112:1



Debugger Tab (when click"Configure.js:112")

onSave: function() {
// Update app config values by calling addItem with overwrite set to true.
// show the loading icon
if (domClass.contains("loader", "hide")) {
domClass.remove("loader", "hide");

var saveConfig = this._appConfiguration;
// remove any non serilazable feature layers from json
if (saveConfig && saveConfig.values) {
for (var x in saveConfig.values) {
if (saveConfig.values.hasOwnProperty(x)) {

            var p = saveConfig.values[x];          
if (p.hasOwnProperty("sources")) {
var sources = p.sources;
array.forEach(sources, function(s) {

                if(s.hasOwnProperty("featureLayer")) {

                  delete (s.featureLayer);