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setting up the GME-R connection to create a grid in ArcMap

Question asked by CorinnaVanCayzeele on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by CorinnaVanCayzeele

Good Day,

I would like to create a grid over my map that can be used for analysis. I was advised that this can be done using Hawth's tools which has been replaced by the "Geospatial Modelling Environment" (GME)which is dependent on ArcGIS and R. Therefore, I've installed R and GME, but GME does not connect to R (as I can see when testing the citation). I have the newest versions of all 3 softwares.

The error message I received was (German): "Message: Die arithmetische Operation hat einen Überlauf verursacht. Source: SEGME" [~The arithmetic operation has caused an overflow].

Could anyone please explain to me in laymen terms how I could fix or avoid this problem?