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Arabic character problem on ArcGIS server GPservice

Question asked by musaserkan on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by bahiaa1994

Hi guys,

I am trying to join a frequency result to a map service layer. I have publish a GP service from a Model. First i am running frequency tool and using result table to add join tool. I am using a field for frequency which is including Arabic characters. The result of the frequency table arabic values comes corrupted  (as ????????). I know that, i have to change regional settings to Arabic to get correct results in ArcGIS Desktop. So i changed the settings to arabic on the server also but result is same. In model i am using scratch workspace for frequency result. But service is creating the result as dbf file in jobs folder not in scratch.gdb.  I don't know this can be a reason, but if, what is the solution? When i got the corrupted result , i can not complete the join process also.

Is there any one have any suggestion?


ArcGIS server version is 10.2 on Windows OS.