Where is my Service Properties window?

11-06-2017 04:35 AM
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Hi, When using ARCgis ArcCatalog 10.5 (Using Windows 2012 R2) like to open the Service Properties... when right click on the service. The following steps I've taken: 1. GIS Servers > Open my connection > Open service folder > Right click on service > select Service Properties... 2. The popup window is not appearing (And arccatalog will going to freeze mode) and there nothing happens. The Service Properties window is not opening. But even I can't proceed with ArcGIS Desktop... When publishing the service as New / Overwrite / sdf, I am getting same problem. Can any one help me to solve this issue ?

I have tried with following changes, even though it's not solved.

1. [my_user_profile]\AppData[Hidden_folder]\Roaming\ESRI, change the ESRI folder to ESRI_old

2. Restart the machine and ArcGIS Server

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