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Arc SDE move instance, not data

Question asked by amarsden on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by amarsden

OK - we have a 9.3.1 SDE - it is simply the SDE server NOT the database server.  It needs retiring as it is Server 2003.


The database is a SQL 2008 on a different server, which is fine.


Ideally we want shot of SDE on a server, but have a legacy application that still needs it.


So, I want to create a Windows SDE service on the new server (10.2.1) that points to the existing database on the existing SQL server.  After which I'll run the relevant upgrade tool to get the datastore up to 10.2.1.


The nice Post Install wizard seems missing in 10.2.1, so I can't even use that.


I've never really done any SDE commandline stuff so am totally lost here. 


Any help much appreciated.