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Basic License - Feature Class Edits

12-30-2015 08:39 AM
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I have Advanced ArcGIS for Desktop License (10.3.1) but certain GIS Techs do not- they are using Basic License. If I create a version within SDE geodatabase and create feature class(es) for the Technicians, will they be able to edit those feature classes (add, update, delete records). I understand, for any schema change the Techs will have to make a request and I will make changes to the database schema!

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you  may wish to move this from the GeoNet lounge to some place that  might be more appropriate to getting an answer.  The GeoNet structure is here GeoNet Community Structure might I suggest Managing Data

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Dan was recommending "moving" or sharing, but since you created a new thread Basic License (10.3.1) Feature Class Edits​  in a better location, you can probably delete this one.

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Here is a link that will help clear up what can be done with a ArcGIS for Desktop Basic license:

Geodatabase functionality in ArcGIS for Desktop Basic—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop


Managing Data

--- George T.
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As the document that George provided would suggest, you could replicate your SDE feature classes to a file geodatabase that the techs can edit.  Use either a two-way r check out replica and sync the changes to the SDE

That should just about do it....