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?Table Select does not work in Model Builder

Question asked by g_weil on Dec 17, 2015
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I'm trying to create a model that uses values from a single table, in order to perform a different calculation for each raster in a file.

Each raster is represented in the table by a row that contains the raster unique name (string), and 2 other fields with the numeric values for the calculation (slope & intercept).

I use "Iterate rasters" to go through the files, and "Table Select" where I select the relevant row for the parameters, by using %Name% (from the iterator) = name (the raster name in the table).

Doesn't work... the model gets stuck in the "Table Select" stage.

Does anyone have any idea why?


I attached python code and image of the model.linear_correction_parameter_from_table_img.png


Thank you!