Patch analyst no values for SDI & SEI/ strange values for CA

12-29-2015 01:18 PM
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Hey guys I am new to this community and I have questions on the patch analyst tool for ArcGIS 10.3.

I calculated spatial statistics analyzed by landscape for 434 shapefiles (yes I added them all manually) using the batch function.
For few results in the table there are no results for SDI & SEI.
How comes as the shapefiles look the same as the others and are all based on Corine Landcover 2012?

As the shapefiles are all buffers of 16km² they should all have the same area (814 km²) but it differs from shapefile to shapefile at the CA column. Usually patch analyst calculates in hectares without calculating it in advance, doesnt it?

Therefore other values like Edge Density (DE) seem to be way to high (average more than 2.500.000). Hope all problems are connected with that meter/hectare/square kilometer problem.

Anyone got an idea to help an GIS -patch analyst amateur master student.

Cheers in advance


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