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Populate Grid - flip rows and columns

Question asked by schlot on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by schlot

I have two years' worth of county based demographic statistics.


I have the same information for each year.  For example:  totalPopulation, PopulationOver18, Population17_44, Population45_64 etc

On a map click event for the  county layer, I've been asked to display it with years for the columns and rows for the population breakouts,  This format is my question. 


I typically use dGrid.  It seems like I can manipulate the data prior to populating it, but I can't quite wrap my brain around how to go about this.




Year 1
Total Population123145
Population Over 185666


I don't know if this is a true pivot table, or if this is just a 'turning data on it's head' sort of format.