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Python Add-In Button Issues

Question asked by Cep86 on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by rastrauch


I'm tagging Rebecca because of the conversation here: Custom toolbar that contains Python Scripts


I have been playing with the Python Add-In Wizard, and I have created a toolbar with some menus and buttons.  I am having trouble getting the buttons to work, though.  I've followed Rebecca's instructions (here: Python add-ins vs. .NET add-ins?), as well as the attached PDF to try and use an existing python script within my toolbox, but the button just shows up as missing when I install the add-in and run ArcMap.  I've even tried pasting the entire code from the script directly into the onClick function, and that just does the same thing.


Is this a common problem?  Is this indicative of a common issue, or could it be a vague error that would be harder to diagnose...?  I read somewhere that the missing designation could mean that there is some sort of syntax error in the code, but the scripts work on their own...just not whenever I try to associate them with a button on the custom add-in toolbar.


Thanks you!