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ArcGIS Server/Online and Editable Feature Services

Question asked by BGrod on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by BGrod

I have two rather in depth questions. The scenario is, I am attempting to publish an editable feature service on ArcGIS Server then add that Feature Service to ArcGIS Online, bring it into a web map, and consume/edit the web map/feature service with Collector. In addition, I would ideally like to take the web map offline with Collector.


My environment is ArcGIS Server 10.2.2, along with ArcGIS desktop 10.2.2, we have an organizational ArcGIS Online account, and our data is hosted in an Oracle SDE database (unsure of Oracle version).


I can successfully publish a map service with feature access enabled and all capabilities except sync. I followed the data preparation for offline use but cannot enable archiving on a nonversioned feature class. My first question is my inability to sync related to my Oracle SDE?


My second question is how do I enable editing when consuming the feature service in ArcGIS Online? I added the feature service to ArcGIS Online by Adding an Item, from the Web, Type = ArcGIS Server web service and provide the full URL (example http://ags-mobile/arcgis/rest/services/Mobile/Edit/MapServer/0). However, once added editing does not appear to be available.


Thank you for any help or suggestions, currently none of my data is publicly shared.