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Collector Edits are stamped by "Esri_Anonymous"

Question asked by hanidraidi on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by ksjosh82

I have a map document that contains a layer from a versioned Enterprise Geodatabase, I published it via ArcGIS Server (the service is synch-enabled), and added the resulted feature service to an ArcGIS Online map to be used by data collectors via the collector app in offline mode.

When a collector starts downloading this map on his device (in the collector app), a new version is created (Esri_Anonymous), and any edits made by this editor are stamped by this “Esri_Anonymous” in the editor-tracking fields!

This is shown with the screenshot below.

How can I make the collector app use the version used while publishing this map or the username of the collector for stamping the edits?


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