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Mobile Demand Windows 10 Tablet Internal GPS for ArcCollector

04-13-2017 05:48 PM
New Contributor

I'm wondering if anyone has experience configuring the internal GPS on a windows 10 tablet for ArcCollector; I am working with a university class to use mobile tablets to collect field data and compare processes between ArcPad and ArcCollector. We have 8 Mobile Demand XT8500 Tablets that we purchased spring of 2016 with u-blox internal GPS recievers. I have been able to configure the COM 1 port with Arcpad to recognize the GPS signal coming in, and collect data correctly, however I'm having trouble making any adjustments in ArcCollector to change COM ports, or recognize the internal GPS system. It seems that when I run ArcCollector currently, it is collecting the tablets location through WiFi as accuracy is 60-70 meters. In ArcPad when configured correctly and using the internal GPS, accuracy is in the 2-8 meter range.

I have connected these tablets to a Trimble R1 via bluetooth with success in ArcCollector, but since we only have 1 Trimble unit for the department, that option won't work for the entire class. We are looking into alternate bluetooth GPS units for future classes, but would like to be able to properly configure the internal GPS to work and experiment with this semester.

Any ideas or drivers, that would help make the connection between these would help out! 

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