Collector Edits are stamped by "Esri_Anonymous"

02-11-2015 03:01 PM
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I have a map document that contains a layer from a versioned Enterprise Geodatabase, I published it via ArcGIS Server (the service is synch-enabled), and added the resulted feature service to an ArcGIS Online map to be used by data collectors via the collector app in offline mode.

When a collector starts downloading this map on his device (in the collector app), a new version is created (Esri_Anonymous), and any edits made by this editor are stamped by this “Esri_Anonymous” in the editor-tracking fields!

This is shown with the screenshot below.

How can I make the collector app use the version used while publishing this map or the username of the collector for stamping the edits?

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Because you don't have secure rest endpoints. Test this by navigating on your phone to your rest endpoint. If you are presented with a user name and password, you're secure.

Try to hit the service REST endpoint from your phone.


Esri Anonymous will appear in a collector application edits because people are signing in on AGOL, and then hitting your service as anonymous. Editor tracking will only work in this instance if you had agol on your network (Portal) or if you have shared a secured service with AGOL, thus requiring the user to input their credentials every time they open the map.

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Many thanks Alex for your valuable input,

I secured my ArcGIS Server feature services, and then plugged them in the AGOL map, after that, downloaded the map via the collector app, it asked me about the service credentials, and when I started downloading the map, a new version that has a name related to the user was created. However, I got a new confusing problem; after securing the services, when I tab on any feature (Buildings in my case), its data is duplicated! This is better illustrated with the screenshots below.

What might be the issue this time?

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1- It asked for the logins. OK


2- When The map is downloaded via the collector app, a new version is created with name related signed user. OK


3- When I click or tab on any feature, the attributes are duplicated!! What might be the issue here?


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By the way, Can I specify the name of the collector version or change it. For example, instead of being named as "motaz_Editors_Fo_1423984072113", could it be "motaz_collect" only?

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The name of version is composed of

  • The name of the user who downloads the map
  • The name of the feature service
  • Optional: if it is version per download, a unique identifier (ID) is added. You can find more info at

Offline maps and versioned data—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server

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Regarding duplicate features, could you check two things

1) in online map mode, do you see duplicate features

2) If you choose Create a version for each user , does it make a difference? If you don't know where is the option, you can find the option at "publish feature service" topic from

Tutorial: Create a map containing versioned data on Portal for ArcGIS and download to Collector for ...

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That tutorial link is broken - do you happen to know if something similar has been posted elsewhere?  It's exactly what I'm trying to do, from the sounds of it.  Thanks.

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I only have two users for Desktop.  I would really like AGOL to be considered the editor.  Why does Esri require separate logins for AGOL to run Collector on multiple devices but does not have security enabled in Collector?  I really want to be able to use the AGOL login for the Editor.  Miaogeng Zhang​ is this a possibility perhaps in a future release?  I plan to have five additional users for Collector.

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I am not sure about the issue you are running into. You can try using Enterprise Login for AGOL. Can you elaborate more about your requirements?

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