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Infowindow and editor window conflicting?

Question asked by workplayce1 on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by csergent08

Following is snippet of code that initializes editor window for set of editable feature layers.

However when those layer features are clicked, the regular infowindow (not edit window) comes up.

The regular infowindow should operate for other layers that are on the map, but the editor window for the layers that are specified in the code below.  Is the infowindow conflicting with the editor window, or can they coexist somehow?  The editor window is not coming up when clicking on the features for the layers below... the regular infowindow comes up.



                    "esri/dijit/editing/Editor", "esri/dijit/editing/TemplatePicker"

                    ], lang.hitch(this, function (

                        Editor, TemplatePicker) {


                        var featureLayers = [];

                        this._incidentsLayers.forEach(function (l) {



                        var templatePicker = new TemplatePicker({

                            featureLayers: featureLayers,

                            grouping: false,

                            rows: 1,

                            columns: "auto"

                        }, "editorDiv");



                        var layerInfos = [];

                        this._incidentsLayers.forEach(function (l) {

                            featureLayers.push({ "featureLayer": l });


                        var settings = {


                            templatePicker: templatePicker,

                            layerInfos: layerInfos


                        var params = { settings: settings };

                        var editorWidget = new Editor(params);