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Default editor and conflicting infoWindows with featureLayers

Question asked by crackernutter on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by jeremiahajohnson
Hello -
I created a basic web editing map with code taken largely from the default editing widgit sample.  
I then tried to incorporate a couple other feature layers and other functionality that I had built in a different map, manipulating the infoWindows with the following lines spread throughout the application...
 map.infoWindow.setTitle('<div> </div>');
          map.infoWindow.resize(300, 500);
          map.infoWindow.setContent('<div id="infoWindowContents"></div>');
          content = '<p>example of html formatted content</p>';
        dojo.byId('infoWindowContents').innerHTML = content;      

All this worked perfectly before I tried to make a mashup with the default editor.  Now the default editor infoWindow (which should have the editable attribute field and a delete key) is replaced with the maps infoWindow and whatever content was inside based on the feature layer graphic most recently clicked. 
My question is what is the best way to make these two play nicely together, without having to get into the InfoWindow Base Class.  All the examples I've seen talk about using a Popup and replacing the map's infoWindow with a custom pop-up.  But can a map utilize TWO infoWindows - one as the default editor's, and the other as the custom content populated one I can manipulate as I need?