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Calculate the mean of values in several fields in Field Calculate

Question asked by Aaron.King on Feb 3, 2015
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Lets say i have a feature class or table with 3 fields

[val1], [val2], [val3]

all are floating point fields.

i add a new field


and I want to use Field Calculate to get

[mean] = AVERAGE([val1], [val2], [val3])


how do i do that?  I have tried AVERAGE, AVG, MEAN, I have tried looking for help on this. Usually, VBA commands as used in Excel or Access work fine in field calculator, but AVERAGE does not work. 


I dont care if its python or VBA, I just need something that works in Field Calculate.


I have no null values in any of the 3 fields I am trying to average.


NOTE: I am NOT trying to find the average of values in a field (vertical) - right clicking the field name and selecting statistics will not do what i need, nor will the Summary Statistics tool.