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Script error and simplyfying point "unique values" symbology

Question asked by DartVader on Jan 29, 2015
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I have tried to use several tools like kriging, reclassify and probably some others. My problem is, that I get an error popup saying that there is some invalid pointer or something, row 51,...and some other things I have no idead what they mean. I'll add a picture of it, and although it's in Czech language, structure of the text shouldn't change across languages. Now it asks me if I want to run the script and if I click no, error message and the tool window will close and if I click yes, the tool window will stay, but it will have clear background. Any idea what is wrong? Is my instalation corrupted?


The other question is this: I have a set of points, trees in particular, and I have used near tool to calculate it's distance from lines, hoping, it would calculate only perpendicular distances, no angles. Am I wrong here? Should I use different tool or it can't be done in arcmap? Now when I symbolised the layer with unique values from the near_dist field, I get tens of values. I wouldn't be bothered but I would rather work with smaller set of values. Is there a way to do pretty much the same like reclassify with raster data?








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