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Feature service which has no datasets?

Question asked by ericall on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by kperazaesri-co-esridist

I have been having some issues with open data lately. 


I am using a map service from my own ArcGIS Server.  I added items for each layer of the map service as individual items in AGOL as an item from the web with the service url for each layer.  I then shared the items (which are public) with my open data group which is Public and designated as available for use in Open Data.


In my open data site (which is currently Private for testing), I then added this group in the Manage Data tab.

A couple of weeks ago, this worked fine and all the data was showing properly.  But now when I view the Data Report, it says “feature service which has no datasets” and in the Manage Sites page, it lists that the Open Data site has items but Datasets are n/a even though when I view the items in AGOL or query the layers in the map service, they work fine.



Has anyone else seen this issue lately or know what the problem/solution is?  Is this related to the recent update?  FYI – AGOL hosted services work just fine.


Thank you!