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Workflow Manager 10.2.1 - Data Workspaces broken

Question asked by fraserhand on Dec 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by jennkenn10

Hi there,


I have a map in WMX which contains data from 3 distinct geodbs. These 3 connections are registered with WMX. The Job has 1 workspace associated with it- the one that contains the FCs that the user will be editing. When the map opens from the Launch ArcMap step, all the data sources are correct, the WMX dialog opens and it runs it's map preparation tasks. Once these complete - the FCs in the workspace that is associated with the job are OK (ones for edit) - all the rest are broken (reference data). Even though the connections were a) correct to begin with and b) registered with WMX.


Does this imply that WMX will only work correctly with maps that have data in 1 workspace? If the job has no workspace set then the map opens ok with no broken datasources but then we can't set a parent version.