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Workflow Manager 10.2.1 - Data Workspaces broken

12-07-2014 03:19 PM
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Hi there,

I have a map in WMX which contains data from 3 distinct geodbs. These 3 connections are registered with WMX. The Job has 1 workspace associated with it- the one that contains the FCs that the user will be editing. When the map opens from the Launch ArcMap step, all the data sources are correct, the WMX dialog opens and it runs it's map preparation tasks. Once these complete - the FCs in the workspace that is associated with the job are OK (ones for edit) - all the rest are broken (reference data). Even though the connections were a) correct to begin with and b) registered with WMX.

Does this imply that WMX will only work correctly with maps that have data in 1 workspace? If the job has no workspace set then the map opens ok with no broken datasources but then we can't set a parent version.



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Hi , as I understand from your case , that you want to open group of layers from 1 workspace "A" and another group from another workspace "B" and other group of layers from workspacce "C" :

I prefer that you set the base group of layers that you want to edit on it's version -  say it should be "workspace A" - with job workspace, so the other layers from workspace "B & C" , I think it should not be have data source like when you add layers with wrong datasource on Arcmap then the editor can reset it's sources from connections or from local GDB from his machine as your case.

because I think that job has just one workspace to work with it.



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Hi Fraser,

The behavior you described is as designed. The system will repoint the layers based on the Data Workspace assigned to the job and disconnect those not in that workspace.

If you have reference data that you would not like to be disconnected we recommend you move that data into a basemap layer for the map template. Workflow Manager will ignore the base map layer when trying to repoint and this will resolve your issue.



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by Anonymous User
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As a follow-up, as part of our roadmap you will now be able to create a version on multiple dataworkspaces for a job and apply them in all in a map.

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Thanks - that's good to know!  As a side note, in the current software (or at least 10.5.1 and up) - you can at least configure the Job Types and map templates not to repoint some layers.  This gets around needing to put layers in a basemap grouping, in order for them not to break when WMX launches ArcMap.  That's very helpful when you have reference data layers that come from sources other than your primary editing data source.  It would not necessarily solve all problems, if you really do need to repoint to multiple sources or create versions in multiple databases, though (that's not a use case I currently have).

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