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Autopopulate a field in a feature class when created

Question asked by craigp on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by craigp

Hello all,


I have a question that I hope you can shed some light on for me.  This is my scenario:


I have a point layer feature class (in a .mdb) with a field in it named ID_NAME.  This field needs an unique value in it and cannot be a duplicate to any other existing features.  I'm looking to see if there is anything that I can do to accomplish this task.


I attached a screenshot to better explain what I am talking about.  As you can see, the "largest" value in this table is "PI.2014.314".  What I am looking for is that the next point I manually add in would automatically insert "PI.2014.315" in this field without me having to type this in.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!Autopopulate.PNG