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Splitting a line (network) at all intersections - in a Production db

Question asked by MartinHvidberg on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by MartinHvidberg
Hi All

I have a river feature class. I want it to split at all intersections.
This affect can be achieved by use of "Feature To Line (Data Management)"

[ATTACH=CONFIG]26721[/ATTACH] I have no idea why this image is so annoyingly small - look in the link above to see full size...

But this function will insist to write the result to a new feature class...!

I work in a Production environment (specifically a Nautical Information Server) which is a central (enterprise) and Versioned Oracle data base. I want the result of the process to go back to the input feature class, replacing the original rivers.

Is there a 'Production' variant of this tool?
How do I achieve the desired effect in a Production environment?

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