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01-17-2018 04:53 PM
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Has anyone tried to get the Composite Coordinate Widget to work with WABD 2.7?  I can get it running but there seems to be multiple problems/issues with it (coordinates do not appear in the map window when clicking on the point, click on map only works sporadically, etc) , and there does not seem to be a way to get in touch with the creator (William Pelchat) as he has comments/replies turned off on his blog.  Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problems getting it to function correctly. 

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I haven't but since it is a new custom widget, and the comments are turned of on the post   I'll tag William Pelchat    (the author)

I'm also going to convert you post (discussion) to a question....which will get more views.

...and just in case you don't have it already...this and other custom widgets can be found in the links below, including many other just released by William.



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FYI - I have posted a new version of this widget with a bug fix for IE, some browser versions do not support Math.trunc

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