Water Treatment Plant Data Model

03-30-2021 11:40 AM
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Does anyone have a WTP/WWTP schema they would be willing to share? I have seen this question posed with some great feedback but no actual schema or data model. 

I am putting together a map of one of our plants based on CAD drawings. I have created some feature classes and domains but my boss would like me to check to see if anyone else has a solution before we get too far into it. 

We are also deciding how in depth we want to go and would love to hear about peoples experience with similar projects. We would love to hear what is possible!



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I imagine you've seen this?

Water_Utilities_Data_Model.pdf (esri.com)

Thinking of the same so hoping this thread will provide some answers.


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Thank you Robert

I have seen this and checked out the data. The WWTP model is more complex than we are going for. The WTP description looks a little more like what we want. I would love to hear other's experience with a project like this. I know it must have been done before at a number of different scales.

We are looking at a simple location set up to begin with, although I would love to build something with network connectivity in the future.

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