Batch Watershed Delineation for Polygons

09-07-2010 06:31 AM
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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to use the "Batch Watershed Delineation for Polygons" tool.  I have lakes, streams and a flow direction grid.  When I run the process, only the first lake gets a catchment delineated, but it is not assigned a HydroID.  All the other lakes are given a value of -1 in the "BatchDone" field.  There is a  post about this in the old forums which has not been answered:
Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Suggestions?
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Try changing the "BatchDone" field to "0" using the Field Calculator.  That should let you delineate the remaining watersheds from your points.  You should also complete the pre-processing steps before delineation.
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