Esri UC 2020: Map Gallery Winners, Top 10 Sessions, and More

07-23-2020 01:11 PM
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During the closing session, Esri announced winners from the Map Gallery and shared some results from the virtual UC. Check out a few of the many winners from the Map Gallery and some interesting stats from the 2020 Esri User Conference and virtual Run/Walk activity. 


Best Cartography Map Gallery Winner

Grave Smoky Mountains National Park

 Best Cartography Winner


For Best Cartography, this map by Aaron Koelker created with ArcGIS Pro was selected. During a UC Live segment, Kenneth Fields, John Nelson, and Edie Punt analyzed the design of the map and pointed out the balanced use of negative space, typography, and styling as some of the winning features of this map.


UC Live AnalystsUC Live Cartography


First Place ArcGIS Analytic Methods and Results Map Gallery Winner

Evaluation of Visitation Across 21 New York State Parks

21 State Parks


Trust for Public Land won for the ArcGIS Analytical Methods and Results category by mapping anonymized cell phone data for 21 public parks. The map was created with ArcGIS Pro, ModelBuilder, ArcMap, ArcGIS Notebooks, and R, and was featured in the new GIS for Equity & Social Justice category.


First Place Communicating Science Spatially Map Gallery Winner

Re-wilding the city: Urbanscape Connectivity Potential across Bristol, UK

 Rewilding A City


For Communicating Science Spatially, the Re-wilding of Bristol, UK was selected for first place. The author, Emma Hall, is a student of University of the West of England and she used ArcGIS Pro to create this thematic map to illustrate opportunities for connectivity with wildlife. See her video introduction for more information about her studies.  


See the full list of Virtual Map Gallery Award Winners for more categories.


We broke records with attendance this year as a result of having a virtual conference. Here are a few metrics about how many users and staff participated. 


Total Registered Users



Esri Staff




57% United States / International 43%

To get a sense of where our registered attendees were located around the world, check out this density map shared during a UC Live segment.

 UC Registrants Map


Some of our four-legged friends were able to join the conference with their finest Esri swag for the first time as well.

 Dogs of the Esri UC


In an ArcGIS StoryMap about the Virtual Run/Walk, you can see how users participated in Uruguay, United Kingdom, Kenya, Latvia, and other countries. You can also see how a few runners got creative with tracking their activity:


Esri RunWalk 2020

Total Distance from Esri’s Virtual Run/Walk

16,297 km / 10,126 mi


Learn More in the Esri Virtual Run/Walk StoryMap



UC attendees found topics on ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Field Apps, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and ways to improve map design as must-see sessions out of the available technical sessions in the virtual platform. Here are the top 10 live sessions that were attended:


Top 10 Live Sessions

  1. ArcGIS Pro: The Road Ahead
  2. Map Wizardy with ArcGIS
  3. ArcGIS Field Apps: The Road Ahead
  4. ArcGIS Pro Tasks: An Introduction
  5. ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction to Mapping and Visualization
  6. ArcGIS StoryMaps: What’s New and What’s Coming
  7. ArcGIS Pro: Migrating from ArcMap
  8. ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction
  9. ArcGIS API for Python: An Introduction to the Modules
  10. ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud: An Introduction


For user sessions, peer users were interested in 3D, coding subject matters for Python, Arcade, R - ArcGIS, and more.


Top 10 User Sessions

  1. 3D Analyst: Surface Modeling with 3D Analyst
  2. ArcGIS Dashboards: Designing Effective Dashboards
  3. Advanced Analysis of Satellite Imagery Using Python
  4. 3D Feature and Sub-Surface Analysis
  5. ArcGIS Arcade: An Introduction
  6. ArcGIS API for Python: An Introduction
  7. ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction
  8. BIM & GIS: Monitoring Works Execution and Environment with Surveying Drone
  9. ArcGIS Collector: Advanced Data Collection Workflows
  10. A Tour of the R-ArcGIS Bridge


Keep your virtual UC experience alive with Esri GeoNet! The GeoNet Community has almost 200,000 registered Esri users, with more new users joining the community every day. You can always network, connect, collaborate, and share your work here for feedback and professional development. You’ll find Esri staff and distributors here to assist you and bring you the latest on products and solutions offered by Esri. To join the Esri Community, start here.


Check out these stories of how users in the Esri Community found support with GeoNet:



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