Updates to Manage License Files

03-27-2019 11:05 AM
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There are a couple of changes that have been implemented to make managing your license files easier.

Manage License Files

On the Manage License Files page where there used to be a separate link to get you to your files for Portal and Pro, we’ve made the path to those files more prominent on the page. When you land on the page you will now see two cards with buttons that will take you to either your Enterprise and Desktop files or your Portal or Pro files:


Edit License Files

With the release of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 User Types we’ve added a feature where you can edit a license file you’ve created. This will allow you to update the quantity of User Types and Apps you have on a file without having to first cancel the file and wait for the quantities to become available again.

Note: At this point, the edit functionality is only available for files where 10.7 User Types and Apps have been allocated and have not already been cancelled.

To edit the file, go in to the ‘Details’:


And click on the ‘Edit Licensing File’ button:


You will then be brought to Step 2 in the original License Esri Products workflow where you can add and remove quantities to your allocation. Once you’ve completed the workflow you can generate the new file.

Note: Editing the file will cancel the original file and create a new one. So, in the Manage License Files list you will see the original file with a ‘Cancelled’ status along with the new file you created in the Edit Licensing File workflow.

For more information on the 10.7 licensing workflows for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 check out the video in this blog - Licensing ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7