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GIS Project Workbook instead of traditional textbook?

05-29-2019 06:39 AM
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Has anyone used a project based workbook in any courses? I like the idea of framing the class around a multifaceted problem. I'd love to get your opinions, thanks! Higher Education Instruction and ResearchEducation

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Justin Madron, I have not used the book you showed. During the last year, I've taught two courses with Getting to Know Web GIS by Pinde Fu (3rd Edition).  Would this be considered a traditional textbook?

During the course, each student creates a project that illustrates how ArcGIS can solve a business problem, then they use the skills in the book to complete the project. To begin, they must create a proposal and present to the class. For this, they use the skills learned to create a story map, chapters 1 & 2. Then they need to gather data, so they use the skills learned for Living Atlas or Survey123, chapters 2 & 4. Finally, create a web app, chapter 3, etc...

The students really like the book and I like that it's offered by VitalSource. 

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Hello Justin! 

In addition to what my colleague Jessica shared, one of my favorite project-based books for a long time has been Understanding ArcGIS:     Most of the projects are based on water in the Los Angeles basin and its many social and environmental implications.  Even if water quality is not your focus, the project-based nature of the book is wonderful.

--Joseph Kerski 

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Thanks Joseph, I will be sure and check that out. 

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