Zonal Histogram only works for certain Files

03-28-2013 11:32 AM
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I am trying to obtain a table that lists landuse by county for a few states. For this, I am using Zonal Histogram. It has worked flawlessy for a few states but when I try some others, it crashes and says "Background processing has encountered a serious error and is unable to continue"

Zonal Histogram seems to ONLY work for certain files. I am attempting to do this for a few states and only certain states are working.

Let me note that all of the states are in a geodatabase with the same formatting. All of the rasters are in a separate geodatabase with the same formatting.

My question is why on Earth will Zonal Histogram only work for certain states (polygons)? Formats are the same. File Locations are the same.

What is wrong with this program?

I am running ArcGIS 10 SP5 on Windows 7.

Thanks for any response!
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Hi Robert,

I'm not sure why it doesn't work with certain states but am curious, does it work if you turn off background processing by going to Geoprocessing > Geoprocessing Options... > Check off Enable?

Melanie S.
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I've tried to turn off background processing and it just freezes, then crashes, when I try it again. I'm going to try the repair geometry tools later this afternoon and see what happens. I doubt it is a memory issue (I have 8 GB of RAM) and this happens on ALL computers I try it on. This makes me think some files are corrupt or something of the sort.

I'll get back later this afternoon after I use the repair geometry stuff. Thanks!
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The polygons are converted to rasters anyway, so I would just convert and skip checking the geometry.  Only check the geometry if you can't convert the zones into a raster dataset.  When you convert, set the cellsize equal or smaller than the resolution of your landuse data and be sure to set the conversion output to be snapped to the landuse raster.

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