When using Zonal Statistics as Table tool, get ERROR 010160: Unable to open raster

04-29-2014 06:35 PM
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I'm trying to use the Zonal Statistics as Table tool (Spatial Analyst) to summarize the stats of a number of rasters within the feature 'zones' of watershed polygons.  I keep getting this error:

ERROR 010160: Unable to open raster t_t_t2\t_t_t2. Zonal statistics program failed

I looked up the documentation on the error and here's what the Help has to say about it:

The grid could not be successfully accessed. This may be due to incorrectly specifying the paths or not having permission to access the data folders. If the path and permissions are okay, the
next possible source of the problem may be the result of missing required component files in the grid's folder. A valid grid must have, at minimum,dblbnd.adf, hdr.adf, and sta.adf files, as well
as at least one pair of files in the format w00n00n.adf and w00n00nx.adf (where n is typically 1 but can be more for multitiled grids). If any of these files is missing from the grid folder, the
grid is considered invalid. Note that for integer grids, a vat.adf file is also usually present but not necessary. Consult the documentation for more information about the ESRI Grid format. If
all the required components are present, it is also possible that the files that contain the binary raster data (the w00n and w00nx files) are internally corrupted.

Check that you have correctly identified the dataset and that you do have read permission. If this has been done and the problem continues, you should then determine whether the grid is a valid
one. First try displaying it. If you cannot display it, check to see that all the required component files are present in the grid's folder. If there is no sta.adf file in the grid directory, try
creating one with the Calculate Statistics tool. If its data files seem to have been corrupted, you may need to re-create the grid. Hopefully you have a backup copy that can be used or can run
the process that created it again."

The rasters that are supposedly not accessible are FGDBR, continuous type, 16 bit signed pixel. Working through the list of troubleshooting diagnostics, I eliminated the following: They all have
attribute tables, and I exported them from the .gdb to check to see that they all have the required component files in the grid folders, which they do. They all have read permission and they all
display fine. They all have .sta files. Arc Help's next helpful tip is that 'maybe they're corrupt.' But how do I tell if they're corrupt if all of the above attributes are working fine?

One thing I thought of was this: They are all mosaics made from other rasters (note they are NOT mosaic datasets, I used the tool Mosaic to New Raster so they are all actual rasters as far as I
know) and I am wondering if something went wrong in the mosaicking process and now they are buggy.

I just need a diagnostic to figure out if the files are corrupt and why the Zonal Stats tool can't access them. 

One other weird thing is that two of the mosaicked raster files DID work OK with the Zonal Stats tool (while the other 16 didn't) for some totally unknown reason.  I went through and
systematically examined the properties of these two outlier files as compared with the ones that are misbehaving, and they all have the same properties so I'm not sure why Arc *can* access them while it *can't* access their brethren.

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