The possible reason of  error of export attribute table in ArcMap in TXT fortmat

11-14-2013 06:25 AM
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I try to export an attribute (and dbf) table from ArcMap to txt file, but the program gives "An error occurred exporting the table"

I checked all others types of exporting - all give the same, except only dbf (so I can export attribute table only in dbf format).
What I did wrong?
My main goal now ??? find how to export the attribute table to EXEL. Now I can???t do it. Also I can???t copy my table from ArcMap and put it to EXEL (I read this way as advice), I don???t know the reason, but it doesn???t work. Maybe this relates with this error that gives ArcMap?
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Check whether there is any special character in the field name. Also let me know whether the attribute table belongs to a Feature class/Shape File/Annotation Feature class/Standalone table.
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I had the same problem and found that if I changed the name of the export file by entering in any text it worked fine. The default name is "Export_Ouput.txt", I would change this to "nnnOutput.txt".
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