Subtract/delete topology errors from original polyline feature class

07-20-2011 01:37 AM
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Dear all,

I have the following problem. I have made a topology between two polyline feature classes (Must Be Covered By The Featureset of), this resulted in an error topology file. From this topology file I made an feature class with the Export Topology Errors tools. So now I have an Errors feature class (RED line) file and the original polyline featureclass(BLUE line) file where I based the topology on. I attached a picture.

Now here comes my problem, how can I 'subtract'/delete these errors from my original polyline feature class. Even a bigger problem is that some errors are not completely covering the original polyline, so at some polylines only half of the polyline needs to be deleted. Is this even possible?
Something else: there are around 60.000 error lines, so it's a large dataset.

thank you so much in advance!

greetings from the Netherlands,
Matthijs Kok
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