Split raster - use model builder or write Python script?

09-19-2010 09:56 AM
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I have tiled orthophotos for my county that need to be split into smaller tiles.  The "split raster" tool in ArcGIS 10 works wonderful but I would like to automate this process so that I don't have to manually repeat the input for each and every current tile for the county.  I got to thinking, this may be a candidate to either create a model in model builder or write a Python script.  I'm a newbie to all of this so any help would be appreciated.

Here's more details of what I would like:

I have a file folder with 198 tiles that need to be split into 3 tiles in the X direction and 3 in the Y direction (broken into 9 tiles)
The desired output file type is JPG

Thanks in advance,
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I actually just wrote a python script to do just that (see attached).... basically you point the script to the directory containing your raster data (workspace) and it then it splits each one up.

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How would you add this to the middle of a model, I have one tool that just will not process my file - however if I split the file process Region Group on the smaller files, then put them back together it is fine. However I need to have this in a model and I do not see how to get the output files from split raster into the next step b/c the output from split raster is a location.
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