Select by location checking 100,000s of envelopes for 1 feature

11-15-2012 09:25 AM
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I've been having problems with Select by Location running very slowly.

I ran an experiment in which there was one point feature to do the section and I selecting all the lines within 200 m of that one point feature. The lines are in a geodatabase, which claims to have a spatial index built. 27 million lines, but with the spatial index, that shouldn't matter, right?

After huge delay in GP, I tried it in the interface - same thing, huge delay, but it at least provided the information that it was reading envelopes - hundreds of thousands before I canceled (and crashed ArcMap...again).

With a spatial index built, why would Select by Location (and Clip) read all those envelopes - it should be reading just a few after using the index.

What is up?

UPDATE: I started it again and am watching ArcGIS read through *all* the envelopes of the streets. 27 million of them. That's not right - it should be using the spatial index to just grab the close envelopes.
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