Raster to Polygon, Smooth Polygon, then Polygon to Raster

02-29-2012 12:16 PM
New Contributor
Without boring you with a lot of details, I'm trying to do the following:

1. Start from an existing raster dataset (10' cell size)
2. Do a "Raster to Polygon" conversion (simplify polygons unchecked)
3. Do a "Smooth Polygon" (PAEK w/ 25' smoothing tolerance).  Overlay of results is below. White areas is NO DATA.
4. Use the smoothed polygon as input and do a "Polygon to Raster".  Overlay of results is below.  Notice how the resulting raster area is larger such that it encompasses the entire polygon now.

Is there a way to run this process so that the initial raster extents and the final raster extents are the same?  I will be making edits to the shape of that intermediate polygon in some areas, but for the areas that didn't change, I'd like to keep the raster the same as the original when I convert it back.

Any input or thoughts are appreciated.
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