Publishing Geoprocessing tool for client without desktop products

08-09-2020 08:14 PM
by Anonymous User
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Dear All,

I still need to learn more about the geoprocessing publishing and would like to ask about it. Can the published geoprocessing services still run well if we lost the ArcGIS Desktop product that published it?

The idea is that the user only request for a webapp development, and the thing that they will receive from us is a web app that is hosted on their web server. They have their own ArcGIS Server. The web app consumes few geoprocessing services that I create using my own ArcGIS Desktop. The geoprocessing process requires 3D Analyst extension license. 

And my questions are:

1. After I disconnect / uninstall the desktop products from the user's machine, can the geoprocessing services still run well? Where is the geoprocessing services look the license from?

2. What is the best practice for creating geoprocessing services for client if they don't have desktop products? Is it better if we connect our ArcGIS Desktop to their ArcGIS Server and publish it? Or we build everything on our dev environment / PCs first, and we copy everything later to their machines? How to copy the services?

Looking forward to your advise. Thank you.



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