Problems with attribute table ArcMap 10.2

02-13-2015 03:19 PM
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Hello there everybody, I have run into a problem.


I am working with shapefiles and using them as tax parcels for my job.


The shapefile is a feature class in a geodatabase, and the issue I am having is that any splits done to the shapefile does not get put in the attribute table properly. If I try to search for it using the attribute table or search for it using the select by features option it will not be found, I have to manually select it from the map itself.  This also happens if I create a feature.


I also cannot export the file, if I do export it all the spits that I created disappear and there is no record of them. I will also get a message saying that some features might not have exported correctly.


I am wondering if the file got corrupted.


Is there a way to fix this?

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It's not clear from your description if you're using a shapefile or a file (or enterprise) geodatabase (a shapefile can't be a "feature class in a geodatabase").  More details, with names of datafiles, exact commands, and with explicit error messages could help spur responses.

Please post questions "In a Place" instead of your personal blog -- this way moderators can move them to a better places if necessary.  You can move this yourself by clicking on the question title and using the "Move..." option in the upper/middle right side "Actions" menu, then choose "Managing Data."

- V

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Hi Jessica,

Try 01

Try Save Edits followed by Stop Editing from Editor toolbar. Then do the stuffs like query in attribute table and export data.

Try 02

It could be a corrupt mxd. Copy the layers from the old mxd. Open a new blank mxd. Paste the layers in the new mxd. Save the mxd.

Let me know your observation.



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Have you tried rebuilding the Spatial Index? This solves all kinds of random issues.

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Thank you guys for all of these suggestions, I won't be back to work until Tuesday.

I will try and work some of these out.

I know that it is something with the parcel shapefile itself because I have put it is multiple mxd's.

This problem has been going on for longer then what I have worked there for, I just happened to catch it.  I will update with actual files and extensions when I return to work.

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