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Cad to Shape conversion

02-05-2015 12:35 AM
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Hi all


I have an autocad file and want to convert the same into shapefile.


i can convert the same to shapefile. What i want is that when i assign the Coordinate system in arc cataloue it is showing me the value in degree decimals like 74.344 and 0.0345


How can that be done so that i can have the correct value.


it is should show 74.344 and 24.545


In Degree Decimals


is there any thing to be done in autocad before using in arcgis.


then what are the Steps for doing the same.


Please share

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    First of all your should know data in autocad in which projection?

    Second convert your autocad file to shape file then define the projection in ArcCatlogue.

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If your Cad does not have already identified coordinate system, you need to georeference your data. If you do not have a world file to use. I would suggest you to do spatial adjustment. Still you  need a data to indicate object's correct location

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As per the coordinates, I think the CAD data is referenced. I hope you have the world file/ Projection file attached with the CAD data having the same name as the CAD data (check from Windows Explorer).

Try the following steps:

Import the CAD data to shapefile/ feature class (Keep the coordinates as unknown).

Go to the ArcCatalog. Change the spatial reference of the shapefile/feature class (properties) by importing coordinate system from the same CAD file.

*The central latitude needs to fit in correctly. That's all.

Hope it will work.



Think Location
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Hi Jay

Mine autocad file is not referenced, it is drawn from coordinates 0,0 in autocad. That is why this problem is coming. what can be done in autocad to align the data for the same coordinate as i want. after that i know these files can be converted to shapefile.

Thanks in advance

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Have you ruled out using the Spatial Adjustment process

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