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merging (?) maps in ArcGIS 9.3

02-15-2015 11:51 PM
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I have 8 maps with identical types of data (build on same geodatabase, same projection, different annotations), not overlapped (at most, one common line as boundary) but for different surfaces. All labels were converted to annotation and re-placed for better understanding of the map. Is there a quick method for merging all maps into a single map, conserving actual annotations locations  for each map, or do I have to remake the new map from scratch?

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Hi Liviu,

You could use Merge (Data Management) for merging the feature classes of same datatypes (point, line or polygon).

And use Append Annotation Feature Classes (Data Management) for combining the Annotation Feature Classes.



Think Location
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Thanks, Jay. I'll try and let you know.

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