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Outer join using Make Table Query?

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08-20-2013 12:38 PM
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I have tried creating an outer join using the "Make Table Query" geoprocessing tool, along with "Copy Features", in Modelbuilder to join a table to a feature class (within the same PGDB), but am getting mixed results each time. Additionally, records are being dropped somehow, for no apparent reason. I followed the suggestion from an old thread here, but using ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. Can anyone advise how to correctly use the "Make Table Query" tool?
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Is the relationship of Table A to Table B a One-To-One or Many-To-One relationship and the same for Table B to Table C?  If so the standard Join done twice may work, although I never do a two level join.  I just would accept that the table cannot be directly joined this way if these are the relationships and the 2 level join does not work.  However, I would work around that by joining Table B to Table C and exporting it as an outer join and then join that exported table to Table A.

If the relationship with any of the tables is One-To-Many or Many-To-Many then the relationship cannot be displayed in a table view with a Standard Join, but may export from a geodatabase to the same geodatabase at 10.1.  The only way to know if the export option will work is to try it.  Again the export may have to be done in two steps with the Table B to Table C export done first and then the Table A to combined Table BC exported second.

You cannot do updates in real time with a Make Query Table output from the source tables, so an export is just as good as that output if it works.

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Thank you, that is what  i will do. But I have many tables and was trying to avoid the export. Join Table A to Table B and then take Table AB and join to C and export to create Table ABC and then join to Table D ], but will get confusing after a few tables. I was hoping there was a way to join Table A which has 300k records to the other which all matach Id's but have null values.

Thanks for your quick response.

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